Simultaneous interpretation

Meeting document | 17 April 2019
At all Conference official meetings, including group meetings, simultaneous interpretation is provided in the 7 working languages of the ILO (Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Russian and Spanish). Interpretation services in Japanese and Portuguese are also provided at selected Conference meetings, as agreed with the Governments funding those services.

The interpreters are here to help the meeting proceed as if everyone was speaking the same language.

In order for interpreters to transmit faithfully your message and allow for seamless multilingual communication, please take note of the information contained in the leaflet How to make the optimal use of interpretation, and remember to send any prepared speeches of written material (presentations, speaking notes) to for any interventions in Plenary or in group meetings.

For interventions in committees, please send your speeches to the following e-mail address specific to each committee, also available in the each Committee webpage. This will facilitate preparation and delivery. All material is treated with utmost confidentiality.