Individual and group visitors

Agenda | 17 April 2019
Individuals or groups interested in observing Conference proceedings may be issued with visitor’s badges allowing them access to Conference premises on designated dates
Visitors may observe public sittings only from the public gallery of the relevant meeting room and are not permitted to sit in the main body of the hall. Visitors are requested to ensure that they in no way interfere with the orderly conduct of meetings and must follow the instructions issued by security staff.

All visitors should apply online. The platform will be activated on 2 May 2019 and a link to it made available on this same webpage.

Group visitors organized by a member State, employers’ or workers’ organizations or academia should first contact with full details of the person responsible for the group, the intended dates of the visit, the list of members of the group and their contact in the ILO, if any.

Only registration forms duly completed online with all information requested (including a valid passport issued by countries or other entities recognized by the United Nations) will be considered. Upon approval of the application, a message will be sent, inviting the applicants to present themselves at the registration office at the Prégny Gate of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The issuance of a badge is subject to the presentation of the passport referenced in the registration form. Further details on the location and opening hours of the registration office will be made available in due course.

The International Labour Office does not send invitation letters to interested visitors and has no authority to intervene with the Swiss or French authorities regarding the issuance of entry visas.