Credentials for the 110th Session (27 May-11 June 2022)

The Operational arrangements for the 110th Session of the International Labour Conference (2022), some of which concern the submission of credentials, were approved by the Governing Body by correspondence on 22 April 2022.

The Online accreditation system is now open and access codes have been sent to Permanent Missions of all Member States, as well as to Governments that do not have a Permanent Mission. Credentials should be submitted on or before Friday, 6 May 2022. Delegations to the International Labour Conference reflects credentials that have been received and processed.

The 110th Session of the Conference will combine in-person participation in Geneva and remote participation through a videoconferencing platform. As in 2021, the most important differences with previous sessions of the Conference are:

- the limitation of participant categories that can be included in the credentials (see the Explanatory note for full details); and

- the need to provide a verified individual email address for each participant.

As in 2021, all accredited delegates will be considered registered for the entire duration of the Conference, unless they notify their early departure to the Credentials Committee Secretariat. They should be available to participate for the full duration of the Conference, as they will be included in the calculation of the quorum for the respective votes.

Delegates attending in person will be required upon their arrival to register as physically present to receive the badge giving them access to the Conference facilities.

Governments that have not received an access code for the Online accreditation system may contact the Credentials Committee Secretariat at, along with any corrections, modifications or questions.