ILO Conventions application

Trade for Decent Work Project

The project supports the effective implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter of the EU- Viet Nam free trade agreement (EVFTA), contributing to sustainable global trade with social justice. It is part of the global project “Trade for Decent Work” supporting a number of target countries, including Viet Nam.

Main target group:
  • Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
  • Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour
  • Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • National Assembly and line Ministries

Project context/overview

By transforming its economy during the last decades, Viet Nam gained middle income country status and became a major actor in global supply chains. In more recent years, Viet Nam has been active in pursuing global integration agenda, through negotiation and conclusion of various free trade agreements, in particular, the EVFTA, of which Viet Nam and the EU are working together for eventual ratification.

As part of the new generation of FTAs, EVFTA has important provisions to safeguard labour rights and environment in its Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Chapter whereby the EU and Viet Nam reaffirm their commitment to obligations deriving from the ILO membership and the 1998 ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In 2019, with great partnership bases on trust, respect and close cooperation of EU, ILO and Viet Nam’s tripartite constituents, the advancing labour reform was tangible moved. The ratification of Convention No. 98, the endorsement of the new revised labour code, the stronger commitment in proceeding the ratification of two remaining core conventions, Convention No. 105 in May 2020 and Convention No. 87 in 2023 were the remarkable progress.

Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal 8 (promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all) through improved labour relations and working conditions globally.

Its specific objective is to promote the ratification and application of ILO fundamental Conventions under the framework of EVFTA. In 2019, the Project was successful in advocating for the ratification of Convention No. 98. For further scope, it is expected that Viet Nam will ratify Convention No. 87 (on freedom of association), and Convention No. 105 (on forced labour); and the implementation gap in respect of the already ratified Conventions will be reduced.

Project outcomes/main activities

Under the tripartite constituent’s agreement and effort, the project has three expected intermediate outcomes:
  • The capacity of ILO constituents (Government, employers and workers’ organizations) is enhanced to implement the TSD Chapter of EVFTA and related international labour standards. The key targets are: to have the key stakeholders’ plan of action on implementation of EVFTA’s TSD Chapter validated by December 2020; to submit the dossier for ratification of Convention No. 105 for final appraisal by May of 2020; and to kick off the process for preparation of ratification of Convention No. 87, planning to be ratified in 2023.
  • The tripartite constituent’s capacity on monitoring and reporting of evidence-based policies is strengthened for further improvement of national trade and sustainable development.
  • Awareness and knowledge on the ILO fundamental principles and rights at work under EVFTA of the Government, employers and workers’ organizations and other stakeholders is increased.

For further information please contact:

Ms Do Thi Thu Huong
National Project Coordinator
Tel: 0987834094