Events and meetings

The ILO Country Office for Viet Nam organizes and takes part in a number of events and meetings. Below is a list of upcoming and past events. Any queries should be sent to the office by email.

May 2013

  1. Workshop on Migrant Workers-related Circulars

    8 May 2013

    The workshop aims to get comments on the Circular on standard labour supply contracts and standard guest worker contracts; and the Circular on the ceiling of the deposit funds for recruitment agencies and migrant workers.

  2. Better Work Safety Fun Run

    5 May 2013

    More than 3,600 garment workers will participate in Better Work Viet Nam’s annual Safety Fun Run at Lucky Square, New City of Binh Duong on Sunday morning 5 May. The event aims to raise awareness on work safety and fire prevention.

April 2013

  1. National conference on "Meeting today's and tomorrow's skills needs"

    25 April 2013

    There is a gap between training and the needs of business and changing labour markets to support productivity growth, improved competitiveness and job creation. The workshop creates a forum for stake holders to discuss this issue when skills development has become a top priority in the national development agenda.

  2. Workshop on "Addressing sexual harassment at the workplace"

    15 - 24 April 2013

    ILO has provided technical and financial support to develop a Guide on preventing and addressing of sexual harassment at the workplace. The workshop includes training on main concepts, definitions, laws, policies and workplace action and policies against sexual harassment and action planning.

March 2013

  1. Workshop on Strengthening National Occupational Safety and Health System in Hazardous work

    14 - 15 March 2013

    The workshop aims to promote sharing experiences among specialists and experts in ASEAN countries on the use of hazardous chemicals including asbestos, as well as to learn from the current situation in ASEAN countries on the OSH legal framework. The event is organized by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, and ASEAN-OSHNET with the technical assistance from the ISSA Mining and the ILO.

October 2012

  1. "Briefing on the Revision of Vietnamese Labor Law"- Workshop - Co-host with KOCHAM

    30 October 2012

    Better Work Vietnam is pleased to co-host the KOCHAM’s event “Briefing on the Revision of Vietnamese Labor Law” to explain the newly passed Vietnam labor law which will be effective from 1 May 2013. During the workshop, an overview of Better Work Vietnam program which has been actively supporting employers, employees, international buyers, and other stakeholders to ensure self-sustainable improvements of factories will be also provided.

  2. 4th ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers’ Conference

    25 - 26 October 2012

    The theme of the Conference is "Employment and social protection - A key to sustainable and inclusive growth".

May 2012

  1. Youth Employment in Asia and the Pacific

    1 May 2012

    As a lead-up to the Youth Employment Forum to be held in Geneva, 23-25 May 2012, many activities were held globally to highlight youth employment issues. Thirteen countries in Asia and the Pacific are organizing various activities to raise awareness on the importance of youth employment.

March 2012

  1. Tripartite Youth Employment Forum

    29 March 2012

    On 29th March 2012, the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), in collaboration with ILO Office in Vietnam and social partners, organized the Tripartite Forum on Youth Employment

  2. ASEAN Seminar on Unemployment Insurance and Active Labour Market Policies

    20 - 22 March 2012

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Viet Nam, with the support of the ASEAN Secretariat, organized a tripartite ASEAN Seminar on Unemployment Insurance, Income Security Measures and Active Labour Market Policies.

December 2011

  1. National Workshop on Achievements of the ILO/MOLISA/Japan OSH Project

    9 December 2011

    The objectives of the workshop are to share and assess the project’s achievements as well as discuss on how to sustain the success of the project in the future. The workshop is also an opportunity for participants and enterprises to exchange and share good practices in improving work conditions at the workplaces for further strengthening of occupational safety and health in Viet Nam.

  2. Employment Strategy Seminar

    9 December 2011

    The seminar focusing on three discussion sessions: (1) Viet Nam employment challenge and mainstreaming employment in the SEDS; (2) improving productive employment: raising productivity and skills in Viet Nam; and (3) institutions for promoting employment; and one squared debate on the strategy with top representatives from the institution involved in the formulation of the employment strategy.

  3. Training Workshop on Tourism Value Chain Analysis & Development

    6 - 7 December 2011

    This is the opportunity to provide the participants with main contents and concept of the value-chain development (VCD) methodology reflecting ILO’s Decent Work agenda. During the training, it is expected that relevant stakeholders work actively in general discussion, group discussions and provide useful comments as well as to propose an action plan from field work analysis.

  4. Consultation Workshop on Employment and Macroeconomic Policies

    1 December 2011

    The purpose of the workshop is to review, discuss, and asses to what extent macroeconomic management on monetary, fiscal exchange rate and capital account regimes has either helped or hindered the goal of attaining sustainable growth and full and productive employment, based on which suggest policy options for the future.

November 2011

  1. Workshop on New Product Development of Micro Insurance and Savings for Low Income Household

    17 - 18 November 2011

    The workshop “New product development of micro insurance and savings for low income households “ is co-organized by Microfinance Support Programme under ILO Country Office for Viet Nam and Bureau of Social Protection, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

  2. National Workshop on the Draft of SME Development Plan 2011 – 2015

    11 November 2011

    ILO Country Office for Viet Nam in cooperation with Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Enterprise Development Agency under Ministry of Planning and Investment organize a national workshop to gather comments for the draft of SME Development Plan 2011 – 2015.

  3. Strengthening the Role of Trade Unions in the Protection of Vietnamese Migrant Workers

    1 - 2 November 2011

    The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour and the ILO TRIANGLE project are organizing a workshop to strengthen the role of trade unions in the protection of migrant workers. The workshop on 1-2 November 2011, aims to raise awareness among trade union officials at different levels about migration trends, labour migrants’ vulnerabilities, the existing law and policies relating to contract-based Vietnamese overseas workers. The workshop will result in a draft VGCL Policy and Action Plan on the Protection of Migrant Workers.

October 2011

  1. Training Seminar “Equality and Non-discrimination at Work”

    4 - 7 October 2011

    By the end of the training seminar, participants will be able to: 1) Understand the application of Convention No. 111 with focus on gender equality; 2)Understand concepts and approaches to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and treatment and equal remuneration; 3)Understand a range of strategies, practical measures and tools from international and national experience to combat discrimination and promote equality in workplaces; and 4)Validate the Guide on Equality and non-discrimination at work in East and SE Asia for use in Vietnam.

  2. Training of Trainer Workshops on SCREAM

    1 - 31 October 2011

    The workshops are expected of more than 170 staff members from implementing agencies and the project partners of the three project sites participating in the event. After the training workshops, participants will be able to conduct and implement education and social mobilization activities using writing, theater and arts performance at school and/or in communities regarding child labour and child rights.

September 2011

  1. Training of Trainers Workshops on Child Labour

    25 - 28 September 2011

    The workshop aims at contributing to the Government’s efforts to eliminate child labour through raising awareness and enhancing knowledge on child labour issues for provincial stakeholders and project provincial implementers in combating child labour. It is also to equip potential resource trainers in Quang Nam province with knowledge on child labour and basic training skills for them to deliver training on the issue in the provinces.