Tripartite brief policy workshop of wood and seafood processing sectors

The findings from two researches related to awareness on CSR and ILS, capacity of government agencies, employer and labour organizations in dealing with industrial relation, role of trade union and CSR practitioner and good labour practices identified at company level and recommendations will be used as inputs for evidence-based dialogues in a tripartite brief policy workshop at country level.

The workshop has as objectives to::
  • Continuously raise awareness of the ILO MNE Declaration as ILO only instrument to promote socially responsible labour practices which Vietnam has made commitment to follow in the upcoming EVFTA and especially the CPTPP which has been brought into effect from January 2019.
  • Discuss the challenges for implementing CSR/RBC in the target two sectors of wood and seafood processing.
  • Identify the way forward, including where collaboration with Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) could be sought, in tackling the decent works challenges included in the national supply chains. Then the roles and responsibility for each of stakeholders: governmental agencies, employer and employee organizations, business and labour, in the process will clearly be defined and agreed upon.