Social Dialogue, Productivity and Working Conditions

Conference on Social Dialogue, Productivity and Working Conditions

The conference will present and discuss good practices of improving working conditions, productivity and competitiveness in Viet Nam.

Vietnam’s deeper integration into global economy promises economic benefits of more investment and more jobs. At the same time, Vietnam faces challenges of improving its productivity and improving working conditions, not only in large firms but also vast number of SMEs, if the promised economic benefits are to be evenly distributed among economic actors in Viet Nam. And there is a great risk that vast majority of working people in informal economy may be left behind. It is the right time for the government of Vietnam, together with ILO, the business community, employees’ organisations and other social partners, to review its policy for improving productivity and working conditions, and to design and implement more effective policy in this respect.

With the support of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) of the Switzerland, ILO has supported the government, and social partners in improving working conditions and productivity, primarily through its Better Work programme, targeting garment industry and SCORE project targeting SMEs in wood processing sector.

The conference which will take place on 24 October in Hanoi will:
  • Share international experience of improving productivity and working conditions through social dialogue;
  • Review the policy framework of Vietnam designed to improve productivity and working conditions ; and
  • Review experiences and lessons from SECO supported projects (BW and SCORE) with a view to developing more effective and integrated intervention model.