First Workshop on the Development of a Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (CMEP)

The first workshop was conducted in Hanoi during the week of 11-15 Jan 2016 with participants at working level including MOLISA, USDOL, ILO and Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA) of HCMC, Hanoi and An Giang provinces.

First CMEP workshop

Workshop background

The first workshop on Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (CMEP) which is developed in conjunction with the project design. Project specific monitoring and evaluation guideline will be developed.

The CMEP takes into account any exiting relevant monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in Vietnam, ILO and USDOL requirements with participation and agreement among MOLISA, ILO, and USDOL.

Based on the results of the first five day CMEP workshop, the work-plan for the year of 2016 will be developed accordingly in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

 Workshop objective

The main objective of this first CMEP workshop is to describe the project’s Theory of Change (ToC) and its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) procedures to generate holistic understanding of the project with a focus on measuring outcomes.  It also provides a set of indicators that will be used to guide data collection, manage project implementation and obtain empirical evidence on whether the project is achieving its intended results. 

Workshop outcomes and way forward

By the end of the first CMEP workshop, the following outcomes are expected:

  • A complete problem analysis which helps to identify the linkages between the problems the project aims to address and project activities and strategies through a visual and narrative theory of change
  • A complete Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) which contains indicators to track project efforts at the output, outcome, and impact leveA complete set of data collection tools, data analysis and reporting for developed indicators
  • An evaluation plan to describe how and when the evaluations will be developed
  • A complete set of procedures on how to implement and manage the CMEP

The second workshop will be conducted about 3 to 5 months after the first workshop to include the final comments and inputs from key stakeholders on the CMEP document. During the time between two workshops, the USDOL’s consultants will be in frequent communication by phone and email to provide guidance and assist with CMEP development.