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September 2014

  1. Counting jobs and the unemployed: Some frequently asked questions

    17 September 2014

    By Phu Huynh, labour economist of the International Labour Organization in Asia and the Pacific

August 2014

  1. © ILO - Jashim Salam 2023

    Young workers in Asia face instability and vulnerability

    27 August 2014

    A new International Labour Organization (ILO) report on the transitions of young people from education to the employment market in Asia and the Pacific, finds majority of youth in the region are either in low quality jobs or unemployed.

  2. Journalists share experience in communicating labour migration

    04 August 2014

    The two-day event aims to promote safe labour migration through sharing journalists’ experience and skills in reporting the issues.

June 2014

  1. © Johan Ordonez / AFP 2023

    ILO: Social protection helps people living with HIV keep their jobs

    27 June 2014

    New ILO study shows that social protection plays a key role in helping people living with HIV to keep their jobs and follow treatment.

  2. Ban Ki-moon: Decent jobs for youth are essential to the future we want

    18 June 2014

    UN Secretary-General calls on governments to invest more in youth employment initiatives.

  3. 'Til Everyone Can See

    12 June 2014

    On 12 June, the International World Day against Child Labour, the ILO’s Red Card campaign kicks off with an original song, 'Til Everyone Can See, by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and violinist Ann Marie Simpson, with featured artists Travis Barker, Minh Dang, Dominic Lewis, LIZ, Pharrell Williams, and Hans Zimmer.

  4. Football star Le Cong Vinh holds up Red Card to child labour

    12 June 2014

    National football team striker Le Cong Vinh holds up his Red Card and joins ILO cause against child labour on the World Day Against Child Labour (12 June).

  5. © Dilek Mermer / Anadolu Agency 2023

    More than 70 per cent of the world population lacks proper social protection

    03 June 2014

    A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) presents the latest social security trends and finds that most people are without adequate social protection at a time when it is most needed.

May 2014

  1. New pension formula gets green light but retirement age increase still under consideration

    29 May 2014

    The National Assembly’s appraisal report on the draft Social Insurance Law agreed on the new pension formula that is closer to the international standards but wanted to raise retirement age only among the groups of high-skilled and management workers.

  2. Ryder: Migration poses major policy challenges

    28 May 2014

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder calls for fair migration policies and stronger measures against forced labour at the opening of the 103rd session of the International Labour Conference.

April 2014

  1. Tuoi tre journalist wins first national labour press award

    29 April 2014

    A special award on the Labour Code has also been given to a VTV 4 journalist.

  2. Sympathy and protection

    18 April 2014

    The Law on Persons with Disabilities has been an optional course at one of the Viet Nam’s top law schools since 2012 with the support from the International Labour Organization and the Irish Government.

  3. “Live and Work”

    17 April 2014

    Photo exhibition to celebrate Vietnamese Day for People with Disabilities

  4. Domestic work is a professional job

    16 April 2014

    A new decree will take effect in May, requiring employers to cover insurances for domestic workers, give them weekly rests and pay them no less than minimum wages.

March 2014

  1. Quarterly report shows positive signs in labour market

    24 March 2014

    The first Viet Nam Labour Market Update which aims to analyse new trends in the labour market for better labour and employment policy-making has been completed with ILO’s technical and financial support.

  2. Garment industry in the north to benefit from Better Work programme

    19 March 2014

    After reaching one fourth of Viet Nam’s garment exporters in the south, the programme which aims to improve export industries’ performance and competitiveness will also expand to footwear industry.

  3. One in ten Vietnamese youngsters aged 5-17 in child labour

    14 March 2014

    The first national data show that 1.75 million Vietnamese children are child workers. The rate of child labour in Viet Nam is lower than the world's average and very close to the regional figure.

  4. Viet Nam ratifies ILO Convention, showing strong commitment to work safety

    12 March 2014

    The Convention on Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health, known as Convention 187, is expected to help the country with its work safety laws and international trade negotiations.

February 2014

  1. Better Work programme in garment sector to move north and expand to footwear industry

    18 February 2014

    The ILO and its partners have agreed to expand a major programme aiming to improve the export industries’ performance and competitiveness in the next five years.

January 2014

  1. Lack of awareness puts migrant workers at risks

    06 January 2014

    A public event organized in the mountainous area of Quang Ngai Province offered future migrant workers a chance to learn about safe migration.