IR Bulletin Volume 31 - Quarter IV-2019

This IR Bulletin is developed periodically in order to provide important information for people who are interested in this field to update the IR information in Viet Nam in an objective and efficient manner.

Project documentation | 27 April 2020
This special IR Bulletin Vol. 31 was issued in Quarter IV – 2019 with the following main contents:
• The 2019 Labour Code - New regulations aiming at building progressive, harmonious and stable industrial relations
• Collective Bargaining Council – The supportive institution for multi-employer and sectoral collective bargaining
• Labour Arbitration Panel- Enhance the efficiency of labour dispute settlement by the Labour Arbitration Council
• Building effective industrial relations institutions - Viet Nam's future of work
• Newly enacted policies regarding labour, industrial relations and wages coming into force in 2019
• Situation of labour dispute resolution by mediator and labour arbitration council in some provinces and cities
• Introducing legal regulation to 2,500 employees using technology
• CIRD publications in 2019
• Developing an industrial relations information system meeting current requirements
• Wage reform in the private sector - Hourly minimum wage policy