Skills and employability in Viet Nam

The share of unskilled workers in the labour force remains high in Viet Nam. © ILO/A. Santos

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The ongoing economic restructuring towards market orientation and global integration will require further development of human resources in Viet Nam. Alongside growing numbers of unskilled workers leaving rural areas, there are labour shortages in many companies unable to find qualified workers to take up unfilled positions in emerging sectors. A key issue in Viet Nam as well as in other countries in the Asian region is this serious mismatch between the education, skills and experience needed to find and keep a job and the content of formal educational and training qualifications.

In this regard, ILO supports the Government to enhance the relevance and quality of the education and training system by focusing on getting training better oriented to needs of employers and trainees, strengthening the institutional linkages between employers and training providers, improve quality of teachers, introduce skills standards for specific industry and improve access to training especially for those often excluded such as young people, migrant workers, ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities.