Areas of work

The majority of garment workers in Viet Nam are women. © ILO/A.Santos

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The ILO is currently working in partnership with its three constituents—governments, workers’ organizations and employers’ organizations—and donors towards achieving the goal of decent work for all in Viet Nam. To do this we are focusing on three strategic areas:

• Labour market governance;
• Employment and sustainable enterprise development; and
• Social protection and social security.

Mainstreamed within each of these three priorities are the core issues of social dialogue, International Labour Standards, and gender. These are also fundamental rights at work, and as such constitute an integral part of ILO’s Decent Work Agenda.

Through policy advice and technical assistance on a large number of areas, such as labour market information systems, skills development, entrepreneurship training and support to public private partnerships, business associations and business development services, the ILO gives support to employment creation initiatives. The expansion of employment opportunities to young people, women workers, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups is of specific concern.

In Viet Nam, the efforts to extend social security and provide access to basic social services are essential priorities to the population at large is supported through policy advice and training. The ILO provides policy support, information and training on occupational safety and health in enterprises and in agriculture and the introduction of a safety culture at work. The ILO also works to address the situation of vulnerable workers through support for the prevention and elimination of trafficking and child labour, through activities for workers with disabilities and through action to address HIV/AIDS at the workplace.

The ILO is also working with its constituents in Viet Nam in the area of labour market governance and industrial relations, institution building relevant for a market-based economy. This includes supporting the formulation and implementation of labour laws, the strengthening of the labour administration, building and strengthening the industrial relations institutions, and tripartite labour market partners to improving Viet Nam’s competitiveness in the global market.