Labour market governance and working conditions in Viet Nam

Harmonious industrial relations are vital to business development. © ILO/A. Santos

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The ILO is working with the Government, employers and workers' representatives in Viet Nam in the area of labour market governance and industrial relations, institution building relevant for a market-based economy. This includes supporting the formulation and implementation of labour law, strengthening of the labour administration, building and strengthening the industrial relations institutions, and tripartite partners to improving Viet Nam’s competitiveness in the global market.

Together ILO raises awareness regarding the linkages between social protection and other relevant policy frameworks, importantly for the labour market. This is especially important for the labour market and for poverty reduction. Awareness must also be brought to technical advisory services to ensure understanding and consistency between the Master Plan for Labour Market Development, National Employment Strategy and Social Protection Strategy. Technical support must be provided in order to understand and implement measures of flexibility and security both employers and workers. This technical support plan should include including an appropriate mix of passive and active labour market policies that combines income replacement for the unemployed with measures to assist the unemployed to re-join the labour market.

Enterprises, cooperatives and informal business establishments have an improved business environment, access to services and better working conditions for sustainable development.