News, articles and events on youth employment

June 2011

  1. High level Panel on “Arab Youth: Aspiring for Social Justice”

    This panel will review recent developments in the region through the perspective of young people who made these changes happen by tackling the challenges of exclusion, poverty and inequality. Five young activists from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen, who were influential in profiling key issues, participating in protests and mobilizing peers into action on the streets of several cities of North Africa and the Middle East, will shed light on the socio-economic factors that drove them to become “agents of history”.

March 2011

  1. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and International Women’s Day: 100 years on

    08 March 2011

    The first International Women’s Day commemorated a demonstration by women workers in New York in 1857. But what established the modern celebration of International Women’s Day in history, was the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York on 25 March 1911 that killed 146 young women workers, most of whom were immigrants. From the ashes of that tragic event, the pursuit of social justice for women and men ignited that day continues be felt around the world 100 years on. From New York, ILO On-line reports on the fire that changed everything.

February 2011

  1. Youth join green jobs push in China

    15 February 2011

    Yang Shumbo, a Chinese electronic sciences student invented a device to save electricity. He developed this into a business under a pilot project of the Greener Business Option (GBO), an ILO Green Jobs Programme initiative. GBO aims to encourage entrepreneurship in green businesses among young people. Report from Chengdu, China, by Satoshi Sasaki, Specialist on Enterprise Development and Job Creation, ILO Beijing and Vincent Jugault, Senior Specialist in Environment and Decent Work, ILO Bangkok.

  2. International Year of Youth Briefing Session: Youth Employment

    A briefing session is being held to address youth employment on Tuesday 8 February 2011 (United Nations Headquarters)

October 2010

  1. Monitoring and Impact Evaluation of Youth Employment Programmes

September 2010

  1. Promoting job creation for young people in multinational enterprises

    01 September 2010

    Liberia’s 14 year war left gaping holes in the infrastructure critical to investment and recovery and delayed a generation of youth from entering the labour market. Today, almost two-thirds of the population live in poverty. Youth between ages of 15 and 35 make up 53 per cent of the workforce, yet constitute 58 per cent of the unemployed. The integration of young people into the labour market is critical for overall economic development and in securing stability in a post-conflict country like Liberia. ILO Online asked Yukiko Arai, senior specialist in the ILO’s Multinational Enterprises Programme, how multinational enterprises (MNEs) can contribute to the generation of more quality jobs for local youth.

August 2010

  1. Message of the ILO Director-General for International Youth Day and International Year of Youth

    11 August 2010

  2. World economic crisis has spurred a record increase in youth unemployment says ILO

    11 August 2010

    Global youth unemployment has reached its highest level on record, and is expected to increase through 2010, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said in a new report issued to coincide with the launch of the UN International Youth Year on 12 August.

  3. ILO to launch new report on the impact of the economic crisis on youth employment

    09 August 2010

    The International Labour Office (ILO) is to launch a new study on youth employment trends to coincide with International Youth Day and the launch of the International Year of Youth on 12 August.

July 2010

  1. Youth employment in crisis: Questions and answers on the situation of youth on the labour market

    14 July 2010

    Young people have been disproportionately affected by the global crisis that broke out in the autumn of 2008. This trend has exacerbated earlier challenges and there is concern that unless action is taken, the situation of youth will become unsustainable, putting social cohesion at threat. Interview with Raymond Torres, Director of the International Institute for Labour Studies and Steven Tobin, ILO economist, co-authors of a new report entitled "Youth employment in crisis".