News and events on supply chains

January 2018

  1. ILO Flagship programme launches strategy to enhance gender equality in the garment industry

    31 January 2018

November 2017

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    How to promote decent work and workers’ rights in export processing zones

    20 November 2017

    This week, ILO headquarters in Geneva is hosting a meeting of experts to promote decent work and protection of fundamental principles and rights at work for workers in export processing zones (EPZs). ILO News spoke with Vic van Vuuren, Director of the ILO Enterprises Department to find out more about the event and EPZs.

October 2017

  1. ILO – Sweden Regional Meeting on Promoting Decent Work in Garment Sector Supply Chains in Asia

    10 - 11 October 2017

    Consultation meeting with ILO Constituents (Governments, Employers and Workers) from leading garment producing countries and key stakeholders from the sector, convened by the ILO and the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok.

  2. Tripartite Meeting of Experts to identify possible action to promote decent work and protection of fundamental principles and rights at work for workers in export processing zones (EPZs), Geneva

    21 - 23 November 2017

    The agenda of the Meeting is 1) to discuss possible action to promote decent work and fundamental principles and rights at work for workers in export processing zones (EPZs); and 2) to adopt conclusions which will provide guidance on the content and modalities for an action plan on EPZs as called for in the 2016 ILC conclusions on decent work in global supply chains.

July 2017

  1. ILO and ETI to bring SCORE Training to suppliers of international brands in Guangdong and Shanghai

    20 July 2017

    The ILO Office for China and Mongolia and Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) are cooperating to improve the productivity, competiveness and sustainability of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province and Shanghai.

May 2017

  1. Positive Impact: SCORE Training contributes to cleaner production and increased productivity in SMEs

    31 May 2017

    5th June 2017 is World Environment Day, providing us with the opportunity to reflect on the current challenges that face our environment, as well as the important gains that have been made in workplaces around the world through SCORE Training. By reducing the environmental footprint we are contributing to a more sustainable economy and a better working environment for all.

March 2017

  1. Better living and working conditions for deaf workers in Haiti

    01 March 2017

    Better Work, a collaboration between the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) and the ILO, has joined forces with an innovative foundation to improve factory clinics and boost the quality of life for a group of deaf workers in Haiti.

January 2017

  1. Are global supply chains creating new service jobs?

    20 January 2017

    The number of jobs related to the “servicification of manufacturing” has been growing much faster than the total number of jobs in global supply chains.

November 2016

  1. On-site nurseries: Helping Jordanian mothers at work

    11 November 2016

    Better Work Jordan and local stakeholders are calling for the creation of workplace nurseries to help mothers continue their careers amid a challenging environment that prevents more women from joining the job market.

September 2016

  1. Better Work is better business in global supply chains

    27 September 2016