Collecting data and measuring key performance indicators on occupational safety and health interventions: A guidebook for implementers

This guidebook contains instructions and information on how to collect the data required to compile key performance indicators (KPIs) for the ILO Safety + Health for All flagship programme.

This guidebook consists of three chapters. Chapter 1 presents general information about the ILO Safety + Health for All Flagship Programme and introduces five key performance indicators. Chapter 2 provides general guidelines that apply to all indicators. Chapter 3 is organized into five sections – one section for each indicator – which provide information on what that indicator aims to measure, and instructions for the data collection, data entry, data cleaning and data analysis.

By following the guidebook's instructions, project managers and data collectors/ surveyors can collect data on the KPIs in a uniform way across all projects, sectors and countries. This is important to ensure the quality and comparability of the data and the key performance indicators.