Designing a national strategy to improve safety and health in micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises A “how to” guide

This “how to” guide aims at supporting government officials, representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations and other stakeholders to cooperate in the development of an adapted OSH strategy aimed at improving OSH conditions in MSMEs.

Instructional material | 14 December 2022
In most countries and particularly in developing countries, governments and social partners face important challenges in promoting OSH conditions in MSMEs. Reaching out to MSMEs – particularly the smaller ones – is often difficult and needs tailored solutions that are based on the specific context in which they operate.
With a view to promoting concerted action on OSH issues in MSMEs, the guide is designed to meet the following objectives:
• ensure a common understanding, among the different stakeholders, of the process needed to prepare a national strategy on OSH in MSMEs;
• encourage the engagement and commitment of all the actors involved;
• suggest a practical, step-by-step approach to developing a national strategy on OSH targeting MSMEs through a coordinated process; and
• provide guidance and practical examples to governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations and other relevant stakeholders so that they can work together to prepare a balanced, comprehensive national strategy on OSH for MSMEs.
Each of the 7 steps described in the guide is followed by an action guide, including practical worksheets, on how to analyse the status of OSH for MSMEs in the country; how to establish the task force; and how to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate an OSH strategy with objectives, initiatives and monitoring indicators.
While this “how to” guide is intended to design a national OSH strategy focused on MSMEs, it may also be used for the development of sectoral strategies on MSMEs, based on national conditions and practices.