Occupational Safety and Health Series No. 51

Stress in industry: Causes, effects and prevention

This occupational health study of causes and possible prevention of mental stress among industrial workers covers behavioral and psychological aspects, related occupational diseases, stress inductive work environment and working conditions (payment by result, automation, shift work, nuisances, etc.), vulnerable groups, remedies, etc.

Countless people in today's society complain of "stress". The word is often misused, and used, in the most varied of meanings.

What, then, do we actually mean by stress? How does it feel? What takes place in the body? Does it make sense to talk about stress illnesses? How common are they? Can stress be measured? Can stress be cured or, indeed, can it be prevented?

In the following pages an attempt is made to answer both these and other common questions about stress. To facilitate comprehension, a few simplifications have been unavoidable. The aim has been merely to present the most elementary of introductions. Those who wish, therefore, to explore the topic more thoroughly are referred to the more detailed works listed in the bibliography at the end of this booklet.

The publication has five chapters: stress; stress in industry; those who are vulnerable; how to prevent and to treat; principles of prevention of stress-related diseases.