Global database on occupational safety and health legislation

Statements from the LEGOSH database contributors

LEGOSH invited its contributors to submit short statements indicating why do they think that the database is useful, what potential they see in it, and how available data can be used. They were also asked to provide any examples where the database has been useful or successfully used by stakeholders: constituents, students, researchers, etc.

Déclaration | 14 avril 2015
Ivan Williams Jimenez - Research Adviser at IOSH, PhD Researcher Student UC3M
 "LEGOSH offers a valuable tool to easily tackle with other countries health and safety national legislation. This database brings legal support to business, academics, students and technical practitioners and perfectly adjusts to their specific necessities. It doesn’t just offer a first legal picture, it also provides a deep knowledge of the legal framework, by linking to main national bodies (trade unions, labour inspectors, policymakers, health and safety partners, and related stakeholders) and brings the possibility of creating comparate analysing reports by topics, countries, etc. Taking into account that occupational health and safety is going global this database is a compulsory support."

Loïc Lerouge
- Chargé de recherche, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS - National Scientific Research Centre), Centre for Comparative Labour and Social Security Law (COMPTRASEC), Bordeaux University
"LEGOSH is a very important tool for any researcher in comparative health and safety law. LEGOSH helps researchers to focus on the most important health and safety legal texts in the country they want to study. LEGOSH gives also a first fairly precised idea of the legal level of the country to ensure health and safety at work. In this context, LEGOSH helps its users to make an initial evaluation of the legal system of a country in the field of health and safety at work compared to others systems in the world."

Yusuf Katula Matovu - Principal General Safety Inspector
"I am of a very strong opinion that the LEGOSH is a very useful tool especially in the developing economies as it helps duty holders to compare notes in as far as the legislative framework is concerned. This can go a long way in helping to improve on the legislation when time for revising it comes. It can also help the law enforcement agencies to compare notes without leaving their countries in as far as the legislative standards are concerned."

Yinzi Dong - ILO Consultant and Assistant Examiner at World Intellectual Property Organization
"LEGOSH provides not only a general introduction of global OSH legislation but also a detailed resource for researchers, professionals and legislators to further develop in the OSH field."

Mankui Li -
Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China
"Under LEGOSH, the data of the piloted countries is compiled and analyzed by consultants and researchers, whose independence can make the database more accurate. It focuses on national OSH legislation, measured by different indicators reflecting the requirements of ILO OSH-related Conventions. This database could help the ILO in identifying the priority areas for promoting ratification of related Conventions or by providing meaningful statistics for drafting various reports.

It will help member states in realizing the gap or deficit with regard to the requirements of ILO Conventions, providing guidance and direction for future improvement. It can also provide references or examples for Member States which can learn the legislative “best practice” from other highly developed countries.

For researchers and scholars, the beneficial impact of this database is tremendous: it helps overcome the language barriers and makes possible the cross-country comparison of OSH legislation in different countries."