Chemical safety

The Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste in the World of Work

A summary brochure of the ILO's work and portfolio on chemicals and waste

Workers are among those most exposed to hazardous chemicals and waste in various sectors around the world, and particularly in developing countries, economies in transition and in the informal economy. Workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals throughout the entire supply chain: from production, to handling, to storage, to transport, to disposal and treatment of waste chemicals. The ILO was founded on the concept of guaranteeing adequate protection for the life and health of workers in all occupations, including workers exposed to hazardous substances. The ILO continues to be a major actor in international fora on chemical safety and waste management. Its large number of legally binding Conventions creates a strong preventative and protective foundation in the area of chemicals and the world of work.

This brochure provides a detailed summary of the ILO’s engagement in the area of chemicals and waste.