Safe construction and installation of electric passenger, goods and service lifts

Established by the International Committee for Lift Regulations (CIRA) in co-operation with the International Labour Office. Code of practice for the construction industry relating to the construction of electrical passenger, goods and service lifts to ensure the safety of users and the occupational safety of construction workers - covers technical aspects of maintenance and quality control of electrical machinery and equipment.

Code of practice | 06 July 1972
The purpose of this code is to standardise national safety rules concerning passenger, goods and service lifts, in order to protect persons and property against the various accident hazards. The provisions were drawn up by a group of experts from 7 countries convened by the CIRA and the ILO in 1969 and 1970. Individual sections are devoted to: scope; definitions; passenger and goods lifts (lift well, machine and pulley room, landing doors, car and counterweight, suspension and safety gear, guides, buffers and stopping devices, running clearances, lift machine, electrical wiring and switchgear, controls, priorities, notices and operating instructions, lift maintenance and inspection); service lifts (same headings as for passenger lifts).