Safety and health in shipbuilding and ship repairing

Monograph comprising a code of practice on occupational health and occupational safety in the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry - includes provisions for young workers and woman workers; covers protection against noise and climate, different kinds of protective equipment, etc.

Recueil de directives | 1 janvier 1974
This code of practice is the result of the work of a meeting of 17 international experts, convened by the ILO at Gothenburg (Sweden), in December 1972. Contents: general provisions (duties of employers, workers, manufacturers and dealers; general safety and health measures; employment of women and young persons); workplaces, their approaches and equipment; (means of access and egress; heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation; fire and explosion protection; protection against falls of objects and of persons, etc.); scaffolding and staging; ladders, stairs, gangways and ramps; lifting appliances; ropes, chains and accessories; internal combustion engines; hand tools, portable power-driven tools; electricity; pressure plant; dangerous substances and radiations; work in confined spaces and dangerous atmospheres, etc. Subject index.