Safe construction and operation of tractors

This code of practice provides practical advice for the use of all persons, whether in the public or the private sector, who have responsibility for safety in the construction and operation of tractors, and who may be called upon to frame provisions on that subject. The value of the code lies in the fact that it embodies the knowledge and experience of many countries and international organisations. The scope of the project was expanded to include not only agricultural tractors but all tractors.

Code of practice | 01 January 1976
Manual of practical advice for all who have responsibility for safety in the construction and use of tractors, drafted so as to be as consistent as possible with national and international standards currently in force. Part 1, devoted to construction, contains directives concerning: safety cabs and frames, guards, seats and operating positions, lights, tyres, access, power take-off, noise, exhaust fumes and gases, cooling system, brakes, operating controls, engine and components. Part 2 is devoted to operation (travelling, highway traffic), forestry work, turning and reversing, stopping, use of attached vehicles, operating on sloping grounds, fuelling, fuel storage, garages and maintenance.