Prevention of major industrial accidents

The objective of this code of practice is to provide guidance in the setting up of an administrative, legal and technical system for the control of major hazard installations. It seeks to protect workers, the public and the environment by: preventing major accidents from occurring at these installations; minimising the consequences of a major accident on site and off site, for example by: arranging appropriate separation between major hazard installations and housing and other centres of population nearby such as hospitals, schools and shops; and appropriate emergency planning.

Code of practice | 01 January 1991
The practical recommendations of this code of practice are intended for the use of all those who have responsibility for the prevention of major industrial accidents. The code is not intended to replace national laws, regulations or accepted standards. It has been drawn up with the object of providing guidance to those who may be engaged in the framing of provisions relating to the control of major hazards in industry: competent authorities; works managements; emergency services; and government inspectors. The code should also offer guidelines to employers' and workers' organisations.