XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work - World Summit on Safety and Health

Over 4,000 industry leaders, policy-makers and specialists are to attend the largest international event on occupational safety and health, the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, which opens in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 29 June. Jointly organized every three years by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Social Security Association (ISSA), it aims at contributing to the development of a ‘preventative safety and health culture’ through the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences. The XVIII World Congress is hosted this year by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), under the theme "Safety and health at work: A societal responsibility".

"Safety and health at work: A societal responsibility"

Globally 2.2 million people die annually from work-related accidents and diseases and work-related deaths appear to be on the rise. Moreover, each year an estimated 270 million people suffer non-fatal, work-related accidents resulting in at least three days absence from work and an additional 160 million new people suffer from some work-related illness.

“Work that respects human dignity is the essence of decent work, the mission of the ILO. Decent work must be safe work” says Juan Somavia.

The XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health will bring together high-level decision-makers, safety and health professionals and representatives of employers' and workers' organizations, all committed to making workplaces safe and healthy for workers' everywhere.

The Congress will also host a high-level Safety and Health Summit involving 50 decision-makers from around the world, including government ministers, CEOs of leading multinational companies, senior safety and health and social security experts, and representatives of employers and workers.

The Summit is expected to adopt an unprecedented Declaration on Safety and Health at Work, that will provide a new global reference point for addressing occupational safety and health issues around the world.

It offers an important opportunity to share information, to learn, to network and to help build the preventative culture that is a key to assuring workers protection from work-related illness, injury and death.

of the congress

- To provide a forum for the exchange of new information and practices with the aim of promoting safety and health at work

- To reinforce and build networks and alliances while laying the groundwork for cooperation and strengthening relationships among all concerned

- To provide a platform for the development of knowledge, strategic and practical ideas that can immediately be put into use