Israel adopts the OSH-MS Guidelines

The first Scientific Conference of Occupational Safety and Health Systems Management in Israel on 5 May 2005, organized by the Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene (IIOSH), provided an opportunity for expert and professional encounters, presentation of research findings and implemented operations, and raising professional issues - for the purpose of intensifying the awareness of the subject and establishing the issues of safety and health management in the Israeli management systems.

A signing ceremony was held in the presence of about 160 interested participants, where a community statement was signed between Dr. Jukka Takala Director, In Focus Programme on SafeWork, International Labor Organization (ILO) and high level representatives of the Israeli government and safety community. This statement expresses the commitment of the people signing it to act for the promotion of safety and health systems in the different sectors in Israel, in accordance with the ILO guidelines and the needs of the Israeli economy, initiating joint projects with ILO member organizations and countries, for the development and integration of occupational safety and health management systems and promoting the cooperation with the ILO in the field of safety management systems for the purpose of gaining the goal of preventing employees' workplace accidents and injuries.