Discussion paper

Tackling the Socio-Economic Consequences of COVID-19 on Migrants and their Communities: Why Integration Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic and the socio-economic downturn it has caused have had disproportionate impacts on migrants, many of whom were stranded without work or social protection in countries of destination, or forced to return to countries of origin where they struggled to reintegrate. However, some countries undertook special measures to ensure that migrants were included in COVID-19 socioeconomic responses, extending protection and addressing the vulnerabilities migrants faced.

As the world continues to face the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that migrants are included in COVID-19 socioeconomic responses and recovery packages to ensure their protection and contribute to safe, orderly and regular migration and sustainable development. This paper, produced by ILO and UNDP under the auspices of the United Nations Network on Migration, provides examples of good practices by states, social partners and other stakeholders in including migrants across different domains, in countries of origin and destination. It offers recommendations for further developing migrant-inclusive policies to help kickstart recovery from the pandemic.