Realizing a Fair Migration Agenda: Labour Flows between Asia and Arab States, Asia Tripartite Meeting

Tripartite partners meet to develop origin-country inputs to an action plan for fair migration in Asia to Arab States labour flows.

Following on from the December 2014 ‘Realizing a Fair Migration Agenda: Labour flows between Asia and the Arab States Expert Meeting’ an Asia Tripartite Meeting will be held in May 2015, co-organized with the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower.

The objectives of the Asia Tripartite Meeting are:
  1. To disseminate the highlights of the discussions and common points from the Experts Meeting among Asia tripartite constituents; and 
  2. To develop origin country inputs to the action plan around the five themes of fair recruitment; decent employment and working conditions for migrant domestic and construction workers; recognizing the skills of potential and returning workers; increasing the development impact of migration; and partnerships among government and social partners, to be adopted at the inter-regional Ministerial Meeting planned for the last quarter of 2015.
Concurrently, inter-regional expert working groups will be formed to provide technical guidance with regards to the five themes.


The meeting will be structured around the five themes identified as challenges for achieving a fair migration agenda for migration flows between Asia and the Arab States, and where discussions in the experts meeting have taken place:

a. Fair recruitment
b. Decent employment and working conditions
c. Recognizing skills of potential and returning workers
d. Increasing the development impact of migration
e. Partnerships and international cooperation