Training Program for ASEAN Labour Attaches and Consular Officials on Negotiations, Conflict Management and Ethical Recruitment

The establishment of Migrant Resource Centers has benefited many migrant workers. The use of these Centers are now found in many sending and receiving countries, and they take various forms.

Labour Attaches perform vital roles in the protection of migrant workers and in the development of effective migration policies. Most countries undertake periodic meetings of their labour attaches either for consultation purposes or for year-end assessment and planning for the ensuing year. These meetings however, do not provide the opportunities for labour attaches for the upgrading of their skills nor to acquire new skills to improve their capacities in delivering their functions.

This 5-day training program for selected ASEAN labour attaches will be undertaken in conjunction with the Philippine Government, ILO Manila and the Asian Institute of Management in Manila. The training program the purpose of (1) enhancing their understanding of labour migration issues and key challenges; (2) providing the participants with analytical skills and knowledge on effective negotiations and conflict management techniques; (3) providing the Labour Attaches opportunity to identify specific areas of future cooperation in the Region. The training program will also introduce the Labour Attaches on their role and responsibilities with regard to the international migration of health professionals and related ethical recruitment given the coming ASEAN integration.