Isabelle Kronisch Profile

Ms. Isabelle Kronisch currently serves as subregional Labour Migration and Mobility Specialist, based at ILO Algiers (Algeria) covering 11 countries in the North and Horn of Africa. In this capacity, she gives technical advice to governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations on strategies, tools and instruments to strengthen fair and effective labour market governance and the protection of migrant workers in accordance with international labour standards. She also oversees relevant projects in the sub-region and supports the UN development frameworks in the respective countries.  As part of her previous experience, she worked for ILO both in the field (Turkey, Lebanon) and at headquarters in Geneva on the protection and labour market integration of migrants and refugees. She also worked for GIZ in Egypt, and UNHCR and its Implementing partner in Costa Rica. She holds a bachelor degree in International Relations from the Technical University in Dresden, Germany, and a master degree in International Law from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.

Working languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish (intermediate level)