Labour administration and inspection needs assessment

Technical Memorandum: Sri Lanka

With the request of the Secretary of the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations, the ILO sent a technical mission to Colombo. The purpose of the mission was to elaborate a technical memorandum with the objective of contributing to the strengthening and improving of the implementation mechanism and human resources capacity of the Ministry (in particular, its labour inspection), in order to deliver services in an effective and efficient manner.

The terms of reference of the mission were agreed upon with the Ministry before the arrival of the mission and then fine-tuned at the first meeting with the Secretary of the Ministry and the Commissioner General of Labour of the Department of Labour.

Based on these meetings, the main focus of the Mission was on issues relating to labour inspection policy, organization and management of the labour inspection system, labour inspection procedures, planning reporting and evaluation.

An agreement was reached between the ILO and the Ministry that the Technical Memorandum will be submitted to the Ministry, if possible, before 15 April 2012. It was also agreed that the ILO will provide necessary support in implementation of the Technical Memorandum’s recommendations.

This Technical Memorandum contains information the background and methodology, summary of recommendations, economic and social background, main features of labour inspection in Sri Lanka, findings and recommendations on labour inspection, and follow-up. The five annexes provide information on: the ILO Conventions for Sri Lanka; labour inspection efficiency indicators in Switzerland; Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations Organizational Chart; Department of Labour organizational chart; and tentative outline of the Sri Lanka Labour Inspection Policy 2013 - 2014.