Labour administration and inspection needs assessment

Technical Memorandum: Namibia

At the request of the Permanent Secretary of the Namibian Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the ILO sent a technical mission to Namibia to elaborate a technical memorandum with the objective to contribute to strengthening and improving of the implementation mechanism and human resources capacity of the Ministry, in order to deliver services in an effective and efficient manner.

The terms of reference of the mission were fine-tuned during the Mission’s stay in Namibia, especially at the meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare and two meetings with the Permanent Secretary.

Based on these meetings, the main focus of the Mission was on:
• The mandate of the Ministry;
• The overall internal structure;
• Key technical departments (Labour Commissioner, Commission for Equal Opportunities, Labour Services, Labour Market Services, International Affairs); and
• Some cross-cutting issues, especially the functioning of field offices and issues related to the Ministry’s staffing and management.

It was agreed that the draft Memorandum will be submitted to the Permanent Secretary for comments before the end of November 2011 and it will be followed by other mutually agreed steps, including an audit of human resources. The final version of the Memorandum should be thus available in February 2012.

It contains six parts:
1. Political Background
2. Economic Background
3. Legislative Framework
4. Labour Administration: Findings and Recommendations
5. Field Structure
6. ILO Conventions
The four annexes provide information on the structure of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare; the number of registered unemployed and PES staff in selected middle income countries, end-2008; ratification of ILO Convention by selected African countries; and proposed terms of reference for a human resources audit.