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  1. Video interview

    Labour Inspection: An Interview with the ILO's Giuseppe Casale

    31 May 2011

    ILO TV interviews Giuseppe Casale, Director of the ILO's Department of Labour Administration, about the general discussion on labour administration and inspection that will take place at the International Labour Conference from June 1 to 13, 2011.


  1. Video

    Interview with Mr. Carlos Tomada, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Argentina (in Spanish)

    14 June 2010

  2. Video

    Delegate Dialogues: Dioncounda Niakate, Directeur Général Adjoint, Agence Nationale Pour l’Emploi, Ministère de l’Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle, Mali (in French)

    12 June 2010

  3. Video

    Delegate Dialogues: Dung Tien Nguyen, Officer, Intl. Cooperation Dept., Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam

    11 June 2010

  4. Video

    Delegate Dialogues: JATTANOUD, Benjamas Director of International Labour Standards Groups, Dept. of Labour Protection Welfare, Ministry of Labour, Thailand

    11 June 2010

  5. Video

    Cumplir para construir

    01 March 2010

    The ILO Project “Verification of the implementation of the White Paper recommendations in Central America and Dominican Republic” aims at strengthening the capacities of national and local labor administration institutions, through the provision of technical assistance to planning, improvement of information systems and training of labor inspectors and other key law enforcement personnel.


  1. Publication

    A Brochure on Labour Administration and Inspection Programme

    11 June 2009

    A brochure which was presented at the International Labour Conference on the 12 of June 2009 during the Information Session on Labour Administration. It explains why the Labour Administration and Inspection Programme (LAB/ADMIN)was created.


  1. Video

    Marinalva: Mobile Squad Labour Inspector

    12 January 2007

    Marinalva is a labour inspector, part of the Brazilian government team called the “mobile squad”. They inspect farms in remote parts of the country, rescuing workers from forced labour as ILO TV explains.