30th anniversary of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 (No. 169)

Convention No. 169 is the only treaty in the multilateral system open for ratification that specifically and comprehensively addresses the rights of indigenous and tribal peoples. Convention No. 169 has been ratified by 23 countries so far. It has also encouraged numerous other countries to adopt laws, policies, institutions or programmes to address the rights and well-being of indigenous and tribal peoples worldwide. The 30th anniversary of the convention is a time to take stock and for looking ahead.

A large majority of indigenous and tribal peoples globally do not yet enjoy the protection afforded by the Convention, as the countries in which they live have not yet ratified this instrument. Indigenous and tribal peoples, wherever they live, are among the poorest of the poor, facing exclusion and marginalization.

The ILO marks the 30th anniversary through a series of events with the objective to:
  1. Highlight the positive contributions of the Convention as a framework for promoting indigenous and tribal peoples’ rights as an integral part of inclusive and sustainable development, and
  2. Stimulate renewed action for the Convention’s ratification and full and effective implementation, while underlining the role of ILO constituents in this regard.