Handbook on HIV and AIDS for labour inspectors

GED/ILOAIDS develops a new Handbook, in collaboration with LABADMIN/OSH, to strengthen labour inspectors’ capacity to address HIV and AIDS —including discrimination, gender equality and occupational safety and health issues— in their day-to-day work.

Labour administration services, including labour inspectorates, are central to national workplace HIV responses. In close collaboration with LABADMIN/OSH, GED/ILOAIDS has developed a Handbook for labour inspectors on HIV and AIDS.

This Handbook is a flexible training tool, accompanied by a CD containing guidelines for trainers, a sample agenda and a range of interactive learning materials and exercises to be used in peer training activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of labour inspectors to effectively address HIV-related issues in the workplace. The Handbook also provides a reference for non-discriminatory policies and practices that labour inspectorates could develop and promote within their own workforce.

The training materials, including a suggested agenda for a two-day training, are designed in a flexible manner, so that they may be tailored to the specific situation of a particular country, economic sector or region, to the target audience and the time available.