Driving for change - A training toolkit on HIV/AIDS for the road transport sector

The present training toolkit on HIV/AIDS in the road transport sector is the implementing tool of the Guidelines for the transport sector developed by the Sectoral Activities Branch together with ILO/AIDS. It is designed to enable workers, drivers, managers and instructors to respond to the epidemic in their workplace. The toolkit is structured in order to satisfy the training needs of the different actors in the transport sector and includes: A training manual for trainers/course for facilitators. A training course for management personnel of road transport companies. An awareness-raising and advocacy course for transport workers which can be used on its own or integrated in existing courses. A DVD to promote the joint effort to combat HIV/AIDS in the road transport sector and raise awareness of the training materials and training opportunities that may be offered jointly or separately by the ILO, the IRU Academy and the ITF. The toolkit builds on the principle of joint collaboration and action between workers and employers, and their respective organizations, as a basis for an effective HIV/AIDS response in the transport sector. It is the result of joint collaboration between the ILO, the IRU Academy and the ITF. During the process of development and validation of the toolkit, particular sector-specific issues related to HIV/AIDS were addressed and reflected in the training material.