1. Kylie v. CCMA & Others

    01 January 2010

    The appellant, a sex worker, alleged that she had been unfairly terminated from her employment in a massage parlour.


  1. Hossou Djossou Z. Prisque v. Plan International Benin

    20 July 2009

    The applicant alleged that her employer terminated her employment while she was on maternity leave on the basis that she could no longer carry out the duties attached to her position.

  2. Quinton Atkins v. Datacentrix (PTY) Ltd

    01 January 2009

    The applicant alleged that he had been subjected to unfair discrimination due to his gender identity. He claimed that the respondent employer had unfairly terminated his employment once the applicant had informed the employer of his intention to undergo a gender-reassignment process (sex change) from male to female.