Tunisia: Green jobs assessment

A national green jobs assessment conducted with the technical assistance of the ILO informs policy makers and social partners about the potential to create green jobs.

Increasing attention is being paid to green jobs promotion in Tunisia in the context of high unemployment particularly among the youth and women. In a first attempt to respond to this development, in July 2013, the ILO collaborated in the organization of Tunisia’s International Seminar on green jobs, which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Equipment and Environment and the Ministry of Vocational training and Employment of Tunisia, to take stock of on-going initiatives and discuss the way forward for green jobs promotion nationally. One of the resulting recommendations was the conduction of a national green jobs assessment to inform policy-making. A study has been undertaken to explore the current and future prospects for green jobs creation in Tunisia. The findings were reviewed at a validation workshop which brought together representatives from government, policy and research institutions and development partners in Tunisia to discuss the initial results and their implication for the policy process.

Building on this process, the ILO is currently initiating work on green job assessment at the governorate level, starting with the governorates of Gafsa and Kef.