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    Somavia: Decent work is key for a greener economy

    22 June 2012

    The ILO chief talked about the need for an integrated approach linking the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development at a roundtable during the Rio+20 Conference.

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    Rio+20: Remarks by Juan Somavia on "Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference" -

    22 June 2012

    Intervention of Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO) at the Rountable on Sustainable Development, "Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference", Rio + 20, Rio de Janeiro, 22 June, 2012.

  3. Press release

    ILO at Rio+20: Integrate social inclusion and environmental protection

    22 June 2012

    Speaking at a panel discussion at the Rio+20 summit, the ILO Director-General highlights the role of social policies on the road to a greener economy.

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    Bangladesh: Lighting the Way to a Greener World of Work

    22 June 2012

    Solar home systems can be an alternative source of energy in developing countries like Bangladesh, where half of the population, or about 85 million people, lack access to grid-based electricity. Solar panels bring clean energy and green jobs to rural areas, an issue that is high on the Rio+20 agenda. Allan Dow reports.

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    Decent work for sustainable development

    21 June 2012

    Promoting green and decent jobs - one of the key recommendations defined by the Civil Society Dialogues in Rio de Janeiro.

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    A green plumber for a greener economy

    21 June 2012

    The transition towards a greener economy is expected to affect about half of the global labour force or roughly 1.5 billion people. This means changes in terms of job types and workers’ skills – a topic that is high on the Rio+20 agenda.

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    Green jobs: a chance for youth - UNEP and ILO

    19 June 2012

    In the run up to the high level discussions of Rio+20 on 20-22 June, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and the ILO (International Labour Organizations) organized a joint Rio +20 side event.

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    Green and fair: Cooperatives in Ethiopia

    19 June 2012

    By their very nature, cooperatives can balance economic, environmental, and social needs. The ILO will be showcasing some of its successful experiences in this field at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). One of them involves more than 200,000 coffee producers and almost 200 cooperatives in Ethiopia.

  9. Video interview

    RIO+20: On the scene with the ILO

    18 June 2012

    An interview with Peter Poschen, Director of the ILO's Job Creation and Enterprise Development Department, and Head of the Green Jobs Programme

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    Negotiations for Rio+20 outcome

    18 June 2012