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    Zambia’s Green Jobs Programme focuses on occupational safety and health

    18 August 2014

    The ILO is promoting safe, healthy and sustainable jobs in the building and construction sector in Zambia.

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    Tripartite workshop on green jobs promotion held in Mexico City

    28 July 2014

    More than 60 representatives from government, employers’ and workers’ organisations, as well as from specialized and academic institutions attended the three day national workshop on Strategies for Sustainable Development and Green Jobs Creation.

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    Green economy

    Ryder: World of work critical to greening the economy

    17 July 2014

    ILO Director-General calls on EU environment and labour ministers to align policies for sustainable development.

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    International Day of Cooperatives

    Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Cooperatives for sustainable development"

    05 July 2014

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    Official launch of PAGE Initiative in Burkina Faso and Senegal

    10 June 2014

    In response to requests by governments of Burkina Faso and Senegal, the ILO, UNDP, UNEP, UNIDO and UNITAR jointly launched PAGE in the two countries in view of supporting national efforts to transition to greener economies.

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    World Environment Day

    Raise your voice, not the sea level

    05 June 2014

    Message by Guy Ryder Director-General of the ILO on the occasion of World Environment Day

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    Official launch of PAGE Initiative in Peru

    02 May 2014

    In the context of the international seminar “Towards an Economy with Green Growth in Peru”, held on 28 and 29 April in Lima, the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion reaffirmed their commitment to promote an economy with green growth in Peru.

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    Peru to hold first international seminar on green growth strategies

    23 April 2014

    Under the slogan “Towards an Economy with Green Growth in Peru”, the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion and the Ministry of Environment invite national and international partners to a 2 day seminar to discuss the country’s opportunities for creating an economy with green growth.

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    South Africa National Green Jobs Dialogue

    09 April 2014

    On 9 April 2014, the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), as custodians of the Green Fund, hosted the National Green Jobs Dialogue.

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    Workshop to review findings of a national green jobs assessment in Tunisia

    27 March 2014

    Tunisia has thousands of green jobs and - as demand for green products and services increases – there are good prospects for further increase in green jobs creation.