Achieving a Just Transition in the Pursuit of Global Sustainability

News | 17 June 2020
The ILO Green Jobs Programme launches a first call for papers on ‘Achieving a Just Transition in the Pursuit of Global Sustainability’. As Co-Editor, together with the peer reviewed journal Sustainability, we invite paper submissions for this Special Issue on Just Transition. The Special Issue will be published in 2021 followed by a GAIN conference presenting papers. The objective of the Special Issue is - by analyzing the social, economic, and environmental outcomes and trade-offs of policy choices in an integrated way - to break the sustainability deadlock, which is caused by the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are conflicting goals. By identifying potential winners and losers, policies need to be designed to maximize positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes while protecting and offering solutions to countries, industries, companies, workers, and communities which may be negatively impacted by the restructuring. It will thereby contribute to ensuring that the transition to a green economy is not only environmentally sound and economically viable, but also socially acceptable. We welcome qualitative and quantitative analysis that takes a holistic perspective covering all dimensions of sustainable. Please find requirements and submit here.