The Green Jobs Assessment Model becoming part of the implementation of Guyana’s Green State Development Strategy (GSDS)

As one of the most recent addition to PAGE, the ILO and Guyana are exploring potential partnerships and national support, while collaborating with UN Environment. The preparatory mission for implementation of ILO’s Green Jobs Assessment Methodology took place in Georgetown, Guyana 11-13 April 2018.

News | 02 May 2018
After numerous meetings with Guyana’s ministries, the mission successfully concluded with the agreement that the future Green Jobs Assessment model would become an integrated part of the implementation of the GSDS rather than just an activity. The Green Jobs Assessment model would provide the government with tools for impact assessment of the alternative scenarios of conventional and green jobs as well as on other economic, social and environmental outcomes. In this context and within the next three years, the GSDS will allow the government to better plan budgets for the short to medium term, to model important macro-economic structural changes and its impacts on social and employment outcomes. Furthermore the Guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all will be considered as a framework document for the GSDS.