The project “Decent Work in the Green Economy” in Turkey concludes with a national conference

The “Turkey Green Jobs Conference” took place on 26 March 2015 in Ankara.

News | 30 March 2015
The “Turkey Green Jobs Conference” was organized by the ILO Office for Turkey in cooperation with the ILO Green Jobs Programme and with the support of the Government of Flanders.

In the opening remarks, ILO’s Green Jobs Programme Coordinator Kees van der Ree highlighted that many countries are now aware of the strong connection between the way natural resources are managed today and economic and social development in the future. Hence, many are reconsidering their growth strategies and are trying to strike a balance between increase in efficiency and competitiveness while taking into account the sustainable management of natural resources.

Providing information about the project outcomes, Ozan Çakmak from the ILO Office for Turkey pointed out that green jobs are key in building awareness about the policy agenda of a greener economy.

The conference included a presentation on green jobs in renewable energy based on a WWF study in Turkey. A business case study conducted by the ILO in Turkey was also presented. Besides, there were roundtable discussions on the themes: “promoting decent work in transition to a greener economy” and “greening enterprises and workplaces in Turkey”.
“The project comes to an end with this conference. However, it should not be the end of our collective thinking concerning new paths of growth in green jobs,” concluded Kees van der Ree.

The ILO project “Decent Work in a Green Economy” through a multi-stakeholder approach focused on the employment aspects of national efforts for a transition to the green economy and was implemented in China, Mexico and Turkey. The global component of the project reinforced country level activities by expanding the knowledge base on green jobs creation and facilitating knowledge sharing. Running from 16 February 2013 to 31 March 2015, the project was funded by the Government of Flanders.