Multimedia on Green Jobs

  1. Green recovery from COVID-19

    05 June 2020

    As governments respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the multiple links between human health, the environment and employment have become evident. With more and better jobs, healthy and resilient societies, the future of work can meet the needs of the future generation.

  2. Jewel: Put people and the planet first

    20 February 2020

    Award winning singer Jewel raises her voice for Social Justice Day.

  3. Why should the future of work put people and planet first?

    20 February 2020

    It’s your future it’s our planet. So why should the future of work put people and planet first? What do you think? Post your answer with #MyFutureOurPlanet to raise your voice on #SocialJusticeDay.

  4. Social justice and environmental justice

    15 October 2019

    UNIGE lecture followed by a panel

  5. ILO Green Week - Meet the Green Entrepreneurs

    02 October 2019

    Celebrating the centenary of the ILO, the Green Week held on 3-7 June 2019 featured dialogues with practitioners and innovators. In this video, meet the green entrepreneurs from sustainable fashion, renewable energy, and waste management sectors.

  6. How the green economy policies will impact the African labour market

    02 October 2019

    A Regional training hub is being established in the South African city of Pretoria this year by the ILO, this will create the necessary skills and jobs missing in the continent's green economy.

  7. Ghana GAIN training

    26 September 2019

    Green Jobs Assessment Institutions Network in Ghana

  8. Esther Acebo: We only have one planet

    24 September 2019

    Esther Acebo calls for investing in skilling workers to access new job opportunities in the green economy. Let's work to protect our planet and its people. ⠀

  9. Green economies that work for all

    26 August 2019

    In the run up to the UN Climate Summit in New York in September, the ILO is asking government leaders to commit to taking action, to ensure that the transition to greener economies benefit people and planet.

  10. Women and the future of mining in Sweden

    19 August 2019

    In Sweden, the mine of the future exists. Located 200 km northwest of Stockholm, Boliden operates a state-of-the-art mine in Garpenberg where miners have become remote operators. ILOTV explains how this has a positive impact on employment, safety, women and the environment.