GAIN Webinar Series

GAIN Webinar 3: Country ownership and development of Green Jobs Assessment Models

This session introduces GAIN’s role in building capacity through facilitating the development of country-owned Green Jobs Assessment Models. The session also presents the methodology used and the expected outcomes by presenting two of the latest country-specific green jobs reports.

Date issued: 28 November 2018 | Size/duration: 01:13:47

November 28, Wednesday | 11:30 am – 12:30 am (CET, GMT+1)

Reports presented:Main learning outcomes:
  • How can countries benefit from GAIN’s role in facilitating the development of country-specific and country-owned Green Jobs Assessment Models (GJAM)?
  • What is the methodology proposed by GAIN and the expected outcomes of using such GJAM? How can these be adapted to different country needs, interests and data limitations?
  • In the case of India and Tunisia, how can these GJAM guide (green) policies towards a just transition?
  • Massimiliano La Marca (ILO), Senior Economist, ILO-MULTILATERALS Department.
  • Ulrike Lehr (GWS), Senior Expert, Institute of Economic Structures Research.
  • Anushree Sinha (NCAER), Senior Fellow, National Council of Applied Economic Research.