Webinar Series

GAIN organises a bi-monthly Webinar Series that aims at providing a platform for knowledge sharing and dissemination on topics related to the Just Transition and the assessment of the employment impact of green policies. These webinars usually link theoretical policy discussions with the presentation of evidence-based research reports, thus bridging the gap between research and policy. Discussions focused on tools available to evaluate climate action’s impact on employment also take place, especially in reference to the methodology developed by GAIN. These conferences have length of approximately one hour and not only host remarkable speakers, but also offer time for discussion amongst participants and presenters.

GAIN Webinars are organised around the following themes:
  • The link between green policies and their social and employment outcomes
  • The presentation of Green Jobs Assessment Reports and related evidence-based research papers that aim at evaluating the socioeconomic impact of climate action.
  • The challenges faced by policymakers in the practice of designing and implementing Just Transition policies
  • Discussions about the methodologies used for assessing social and employment outcomes of green policies, their limitations and the potential for improvement.
Webinars are recorded and uploaded on this website. Find out each webinar's information below: