Dialogue on Climate Change and Jobs: Shaping the COP21 Agenda of Solutions

The objective of this dialogue, organised by the ILO in collaboration with the Geneva Environment Network Secretariat, is to provide a platform for sharing views and perspectives on ways in which the climate change and decent work agendas can be made mutually supportive, looking towards the COP21 in Paris.

This dialogue will bring together experts on environmental issues and climate change, as well as tripartite representatives from the world of work, to discuss means for contributing to the COP21 “solutions agenda”.

The forthcoming 21st UN climate change conference (COP21) in Paris this year will be a critical and historic moment to craft and agree to a universal new climate agreement that enables the international community to act with a long- term vision of a climate neutral world in the second half of the century.

Given the scale, complexity and urgency of climate change, inclusion and decent work challenges, the world will neither have the resources nor the time to tackle them separately or consecutively. Taking a holistic approach to confront these challenges is not an option, but a necessity.

Actors in the World of Work - governments, employers and workers’ organizations have a key contribution to make for the global community to secure a meaningful and universal climate change agreement this year in Paris. More importantly, they will be indispensable to ensure its implementation.

The dialogue will also serve as a stepping stone in the approach to the 104th Session of the International Labour Conference (Geneva, 1-13 June 2015), at which the World of Work Summit (Thursday, 11 June 2015) will be on Climate Change and the World of Work. 

To attend this event, please register online or send a message to gen.secretary@unep.org