ILO Violence and Harassment at Work: How the provision of Employment Injury Benefits and Workers Compensation can benefit Employers and Workers

News | 28 May 2018
 In view of the work of the ILC Standard Setting Committee: violence and harassment in the world of work during the 107th Session of the International Labour Conference in 2018, this note has been prepared by a team of GEIP and NORMES.

This briefing note highlights the importance of employment injury benefits for victims of violence and harassment at work and their families and the relevance of these benefits to avoid poverty, vulnerability and social exclusion of victims as a result of the loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity as well as having to pay substantial health care expenses out of pocket.

The briefing note has been elaborated to provide guidance to ensure that victims of violence and harassment are adequately compensated for the loss of earning capacity resulting from these and that they have access to medical and allied care, as well as functional rehabilitation and employment reinsertion services, as the case may be.