News on forced labour

March 2022

  1. Australia ratifies the Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention

    31 March 2022

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    Empowering trade unions crucial to ending labour exploitation

    31 March 2022

    The Malaysian Government has launched its first National Action Plan to combat Forced Labour. Furthermore they recently ratified the ILO 2014 Forced Labour Protocol and pledged to become an Alliance 8.7 Pathfinder country, hence committing to take effective measures to eradicate forced labour and child labour. Trade unions will be instrumental to implement these commitments.

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    Highlights of the 344th session of the ILO Governing Body

    30 March 2022

    The Governing Body of the International Labour Organization concluded on 25 March. ILO News discussed the key elements with Dimitrina Dimitrova, Deputy Director of the ILO’s Official Meetings, Documentation and Relations Department.

  4. The ILO focuses on coordinated efforts in realizing decent work in Indonesia’s fishing industry

    30 March 2022

    The ILO initiates a coordinated consultation meeting for its fishery sector to strengthen its supports to realize decent working conditions for Indonesian fishers within the country and abroad.

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    Getting a new chance after a life in bonded labour

    25 March 2022

    Shanti and her husband come from a poor community in Kanchanpur, Nepal. In exchange of a piece of land to build a shelter, they got caught in debt bondage. But thanks to Shanti’s unwavering determination, and with the support of the ILO Bridge Project, she became a mason, succeeding in offering a decent life to her family while challenging gender biases.

  6. Unpacking concepts of freedom and unfreedom in the world of work

    A series of special lectures and panel discussions presented by Work in Freedom programme.

  7. Malaysia ratifies the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention

    21 March 2022

    Malaysia becomes the 58th country in the world, and the second ASEAN member State to ratify that Protocol.

  8. SDG Open Hack: End forced labour and child labour

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    ILO welcomes lifting of Cotton Campaign boycott of Uzbekistan

    14 March 2022

    Agricultural and economic reforms have led to the eradication of systemic child labour and forced labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton harvest.

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    With Covid-19, forced labour is more clandestine, but more present than ever before

    09 March 2022

    Peruvian journalist Elizabeth Salazar, winner of the 2018 South American Journalism Award from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for her reporting on human trafficking, tells us about the challenges of investigating such issues, without paternalism or sensationalism.