News on forced labour

October 2007

  1. Trafficking For Forced Labour: ILO Approaches by Roger Plant, U.S. Congress, Washington, 11 October 2007

    11 October 2007

    Testimony to the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, hearing on “Combating Trafficking for Forced Labour Purposes in the OSCE Region”, U.S. Congress, Washington, 11 October 2007

September 2007

  1. Human Trafficking: How best to stem the flow?

    The Conference dealt with the most effective immigration, policing, and judicial strategies to reduce human trafficking, the international cooperation, aid and technical assistance, the links to forced labour, the border measures needed, the prosecution of criminal gangs, the retrafficking cycle, and the support to victims of trafficking.

  2. International Labour Standards for Judges, Lawyers and Legal Educators

    The main objective of the seminar is to equip law professionals with the instruments enabling them to use international labour law elements at national level, including the relevance of ILS on the elimination of forced labour.

August 2007

  1. Decent Work Indicators: Towards better Statistics on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

    20 August 2007

    Statistics are the ideas and techniques that can be used to convert numbers into useful information. Statistics on forced labour and human trafficking are essential for at least two reasons. First, they provide more objective information. Humans cannot, with their own eyes and ears, perceive more than a small, unrandom sample of any human state of affairs. Secondly, and even more importantly, good statistics are needed to formulate good policies and monitor progress towards the objective of decent work for all.

  2. Mauritanian MPs pass slavery law (BBC News)

    09 August 2007

    Mauritania's parliament has unanimously passed legislation making the practice of slavery punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

  3. ILO/ITUC Inter-Regional Conference on Trade Union Action and Strategies on Forced Labour and Trafficking

    The inter-regional conference will be discussing an international trade union strategy in the fight against forced labour and trafficking. The objectives are to give to all participants a clear view on all aspects of different forms of forced labour and trafficking, their adverse effects on the labour market and the role of the trade union movement in fighting the phenomenon, defining what the main means of action of trade unions are on a (sectoral) local, national, regional and international level.

July 2007

  1. Tbilisi, Georgia: Launch of the regional project "Development of comprehensive anti-trafficking response in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia"

    12 July 2007

    This regional ILO project, implemented in partnership with the OSCE and ICMPD, will be launched on the 19 July 2007 in Tbilisi, Georgia. The project offers measures leading to a long-term perspective against trafficking in human beings in the Southern Caucasus by contributing to and enhancing National Action Plans and the legal framework against THB in all three countries, and by fostering regional and international cooperation. It aims at awareness raising among stakeholders and potential victims. The project will involve labour market institutions in preventive action and improve identification, protection and assistance of victims trafficked for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation. Since human trafficking mainly occurs in the context of irregular migration, the project proposes a range of measures that aim at promoting legal migration. It will contribute to increased dialogue and cooperation among government agencies, social partners and NGOs in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia as well as major destination countries. The project is funded under the European Commission’s TACIS Programme, which provides grant-financed technical assistance to countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It will be implemented over a period of two years. Additional co-funding will be provided by ILO and partner organisations.

  2. ILO/ACFTU Workshop on Labour standards and fight against forced labour at workplace

    The workshop will address the role of trade unions in the prevention and eradication of forced labour. The whole training will be based on the principles and provisions of ILO labour standards esp. Conventions No.29 and No.105. The seminar will include 40 trade unionists from the local affiliations of the ACFTU, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, a mass organization of the working class formed voluntarily by the Chinese workers and staff members.

  3. New UN initiative to fight human trafficking and poverty in Tajikistan

    09 July 2007

  4. Collection of legal cases - Call for contributions

    05 July 2007

    SAP-FL is collecting and analyzing forced labour and human trafficking cases that have been prosecuted by criminal courts in various domestic jurisdictions. The aim of this project is to develop materials that will help in the training of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and legal educators on future prosecution of forced labour and human trafficking crimes. All contributions are welcome. For more information contact Rosanna Carreon at